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Love yourself and your body will love you back.

This is just flat out amazing on so many levels.

As of now, I think I’d fall flat on my face… so i’ll make this my goal in a few weeks!

Hey! Love your blog!!! So you're going for exercise science. That's what I want to go for! What do you want to end up being you know as a career?

Thank you so much!!! <333 That seriously just made my day! My dream is to be a physical therapist. I’m volunteering at one right now and it’s just amazing how exercise can be incorporated to relieve pain, gain strength and flexibility and help people go back to living normals lives post-surgery/car accident/etc. It requires such a deep understanding of the body and its muscles and patients at my clinic always walk out satisfied, stronger, and happier! I’d also like to get certified as a fitness specialist once I graduate since i’ll have taken the classes generally required for it anyway. It honestly is a great field to go into and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Anonymous said:
Any tips on overcoming temptation, not eating junk when I'm hungry, and making time to exercise/not get distracted while exercising? Any tips for staying on track? What's a way to not overdo cheat meals?

Temptation, temptation, temptation. I was really craving pizza today and there’s a pizzeria right below my building… so hard to walk by and smell it and not buy any!

What I do is I just don’t keep any junk food around. If you don’t see it, you’re less likely to fall into cravings and when you are hungry you’ll go for all the healthy stuff in your fridge! The longer you don’t eat junk food the easier it also becomes :). I’m not sure what your eating pattern is like but i’ll tell you mine. I eat every 2-3 hours. It keeps your metabolism going. I’m not saying have a thanksgiving dinner every meal but healthy portions. If you would like an example just message me again and i’d be happy to tell you what I eat!

Making time to exercise- honestly I have to exercise in the morning otherwise i’m too tired after school or PT volunteering. It’s also nice to get it out of the way. I think it’s all about how much time you want to set aside. You don’t have to work out for an hour and a half. Kayla Itsines BBG is 30 minutes every other day. That’s the length of a TV episode! It’s all perception. If you really want to work out you’ll make time. As for distractions- you know you and how you best concentrate. I unplug myself from everything, turn my music on and workout :)

To stay on track… well you just need to keep reminding yourself what you are working for. Find something that motivates you. I’m ALWAYS on instagram looking at weightloss transformations, I’m also on here all the time posting stuff. I feel like if I stopped working out and eating healthy I wouldn’t deserve to run this blog :) Just find an outlet! Also, find someone you can talk about your goals and keep you motivated as well! It can be a friend, family, me, or anyone in the fitblr community!

I think a good way not to overdo cheat meals is to limit yourself and listen to what your body wants. I don’t eat sweets much but I still crave sugar. You can get that in fruit and my FAVORITE thing ever is KIND granola Vanilla Blueberry Clusters. Try to find healthy alternatives. If you can’t and really REALLY want that piece of pizza talk to yourself;

Do you really want that piece of pizza or can you make something at home? Yes I want pizza-ok i’m going to try and find the healthiest option possible and limit myself to one slice.

If you really cave in and have a cheat meal (or two) its not over. One or two bad meals isn’t going to upset your progress. Just get back up and go back to eating healthy and everything will be fine :)

Phew-sorry for the essay! Hope this answered everything!